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    How to choose an estate planner?

    Things To Consider When Choosing An Estate Planner

    “Estate Planning involves two of the most important things in your life: your family and your hard earned assets.  It’s intensely personal and very serious.  It’s your legacy.  A well thought out estate plan should be tailored based on a person’s individual goals, family circumstances, and unique concerns.  There is no cookie cutter approach to it.”

     “My job is to think of the what if scenarios that you haven’t considered.” 

    “You need to be comfortable telling me some of the most personal details of your life, especially where it concerns potential beneficiaries and conflicts.  That’s the only way that I can try to plan for them.”

    Estate planning is a fairly intimate process. A well thought out plan should consider various alternatives and what if scenarios based upon the types of assets involved, family relationships, as well as the financial, mental and physical conditions of beneficiaries.  It is incredibly important that you choose an estate planner that you feel comfortable with, that you feel hears you, and that you believe has your best interest in mind. 

    A consultation with an estate planning attorney can give you a good sense of what they may be like. An estate planning lawyer should give you good, neutral legal advice that is specific to your situation. A legal document service cannot direct you to what paperwork would be best, advise you on how to properly complete the paperwork, or point you towards a better alternative. While retirement and financial planners are wonderful and may have received some training in estate planning, they do not have the complete education and experience required to draft estate planning documents with an eye towards litigation avoidance. Generally, non attorney estate planners are trained in specific products that may be beneficial to an estate plan such as life insurance or annuities but they are not trained in drafting legal documents.  

    If you have questions about the estate planning process in or around Modesto, CA, give me a call at (209) 521-1500.  You can schedule a free in person consultation by filling out the form on the right as well. 

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