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    What is estate litigation?

    Estate litigation is when two or more parties go to court arguing about what should happen with someone's money, property, or possessions after they die. 

    Litigation is complex, time consuming, expensive, uncertain and emotionally charged.  However, with estate litigation in particular, the emotions are super charged because generally family members are pitted against each other or it appears that someone has taken advantage of the decedent.

    Each party usually believes that they are doing what is right. At the same time, dispute over an estate has led to many families being torn apart. Going to court is usually the last thing that a loved one considered before they passed away. 

    However, there are some common causes that can lead families to court. I've broken them up into two different articles to make it a little easier to digest: 

    Read about probate litigation and the most common causes.

    Read about trust litagation and reasons why trusts go to court. 


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