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    Business and Civil Litigation

    "A bad agreement is better than a good lawsuit". Italian Proverb

    So many people go into business together on a handshake or with poorly drafted documents.   

    According to IFG Trust Services, Inc. Americans have a 10% chance of being sued in any given year and a 33% chance of being sued over their lifetime. This number is not surprising considering how many people go into business with another person on a handshake or with poorly drafted documents.  

    Going into business can be fun and exciting but if the business terms are not outlined carefully in signed writings, things can get really ugly when disagreements arise. I always advise clients to take the time to have well thought out and carefully drafted contracts including purchase and sale documents for businesses or real estate, partnership agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, etc. put in place to avoid business litigation later.

    Unfortunately, not only is litigation expensive it is uncertain.  While I do believe avoiding a lawsuit is usually the way to go - I'd much rather do it with a good agreement! I always attempt to resolve any suits that do arise without litigation. But, the truth is, I am more than willing to go to court to ensure your interests are protected. 

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