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    Mike Alexander

    Kenea, I want to thank you for your excellent performance in handling all the details in this matter. You are a true professional with high integrity and your experience really paid off. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your legal services.

    Mike Alexander


    Lynette Kretschmer

    I felt safe and secure under Kenea’s guidance.  Having to involve an attorney in a sticky situation, is not easy to do. As  we worked through the details, I could see that Kenea understood our wants and needs, in spite of the emotions and accusations that presented.  She lead us in the most advantageous direction, worked with the opposing attorney, and  minimized our expenses wherever possible.


    Anonymous Testimonial

    How were you feeling before you found Bains Law, Inc.?

    I felt a little frustrated and confused before speaking with Kenea. I had contacted another law firm to get the estate planning process started, but my phone call alone left me feeling confused. I was told to complete a piece of paper for a will, but I really wanted to discuss what all the options were. I ended up cancelling that appointment because I was so fearful I wouldn't ask for the right information.

    How did you feel after your initial consultation with Bains Law, Inc.? 

    After speaking with Kenea and getting to know her, I am utterly impressed with how knowledgeable she is, as well as how easy it is to speak with her.   I would love for Kenea to share my experience with others.


    Anonymous Testimonial

    At our first meeting in 2006, Kenea Bains impressed me with her professionalism and thorough knowledge of estate planning.  Over the years, I have come to have even more respect for her.  Smart, direct and tenacious, Kenea is also personable with an innate understanding of complex human tendencies.  When it comes to wills and trusts, I am pleased to be able to recommend Kenea Bains to whoever needs an astute, competent  attorney.   


    Pam Shelton

    After seeing firsthand the devastation that a lack of proper planning leaves behind, I was very happy to meet with Kenea to set up my trust. Kenea was very thorough and asked me questions I would not have considered. I am very happy with the plans I set in place with Kenea’s guidance and can now rest easy, as I know how my estate will be handled should anything happen to me. I would recommend Kenea Bains for all of your estate planning needs without any hesitation.