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    Probate Law and Estate Litigation

    "Conflict over an estate is another death to grieve... it delays the ultimate healing needed to move forward in life." Miranda Palmer, LMFT

    Not every death brings people together

    Unfortunately, sometimes the loss of someone can bring out the worst in people. I've seen wonderful, well meaning people make really odd choices after the loss of a family member. If you've lost a loved one and are in conflict with their spouse, a sibling, or someone else close to you over how the estate should be handled you know how stressful and exhausting it is. 

    I work with people who need truth, advice, and a staunch advocate to help them resolve the issues with the least stress possible. In many cases, a settlement can be negotiated that allows both parties to move forward and attend to their grieving.

    In other cases, court is the only way to protect your rights and my job is to ensure your rights are protected. I have ample experience in probate litigation that allows me to fight for the best possible outcome. 

    If you have lost a loved one and there is conflict over the probate estate or trust administration, I can explore your legal options with you.  I help families who have lost loved ones in situations like these: 

    • There is no will and we don't agree about what the deceased wanted.
    • Grossly outdated or fraudulent wills have been produced and we don't know what to do.
    • The will or estate plan isn't being followed at all.
    • A family member with drug or alcohol issues is now squatting in my parent's home.

    These are just a few of the situations I can help with. I can also just help with basic questions about how to move forward in the probate process. Give me a call at (209) 521-1500 to schedule your free in person consultation or contact me here with your probate litigation questions