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    What are your qualifications as an estate planner? 

    Anyone can actually call themselves an estate planner. CPAs, financial planners, and lawyers with little or no expertise in estate planning. Be sure you understand the additional training the professional completed. As a Certified Estate Planning, Trust, & Probate Law Specialist I received additional training and completed an additional examination through the State Bar of California's board of specialization. 

    How many years of experience do you have in estate planning? How many people have you helped? 

    You want someone who has worked with a wide variety of situations and has experience with a number of families. However, if someone says they have been doing estate planning for 2 years and have done over 2000 estate plans- that could be a red flag as well. If you crunch the numbers they would be averaging 3 completed estate plans per day, almost 7 days a week! 

    How do you ensure my estate plan remains up to date and is actually put into place properly? 

    A living will does require some updating after things are developed. A common mistake is not funding a living will. Ensure that your estate planning attorney will help you plan to make sure estate is always up to date. 

    What is included in your flat-rate or hourly fees? 

    Be sure to understand the full fees and the pros and cons of flat-fee vs hourly rates. 

    Do I feel comfortable with this person? 

    Remember, this is someone you need to trust with sensitive information and that you need to feel comfortable asking questions to. It is important that you feel like you can ask any question. 

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