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    Are you looking for ways to protect adults or children that you love? 


    Conservatorships are used with adults who are unable to care for themselves or manage their financial and legal affairs. Sometimes elderly adults just need to be protected from others, including family members, from taking advantage of them or their assets.  With proper estate planning conservatorships can be avoided in most cases. However, if people fail to plan, become incapacitated and cannot take care of themselves or their finances, a conservatorship will need to be established to allow someone else to make medical and legal decisions for that person.  Sometimes aging or medical issues make someone unable to care for every aspect of their lives, while other times, it may be an issue of special needs or mental illness. 

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    Guardianships are used for a child or children to make sure that they have someone to care for them if their parents are deceased, unable, or unwilling to care for them. Sometimes, a guardianship has to be established if a minor inherits money or other assets. Every situation can be so different and quite complex and usually brings with it intense emotions. 

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